Exam Study Tips!



The worst time of year is now upon us. Exams. Nobody likes exams and they tend to be hard to study for, however, there are some things you can do to make studying easier. The first thing to remember is not to over study. Study each subject you have an exam in for about a half hour a day. The second thing to do is start studying 2 or 3 weeks before exams. Hopefully you’ve already started! This allows a lot of time to understand what you are studying and it gives you a lot of time to ask questions on what you don’t understand. When you are studying turn off your phone, or put it somewhere it will not distract you. Phones are huge distractions, whenever it goes off you feel the need to check it. The night before the exam, do not stay up all night and study, you will not absorb any information this way, and you will be really tired the next morning. Try not to stress. Stressing over the exams will only make you feel anxious while doing them.  Hope these study tips help. Good luck on exams!

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