7 Students: Where Are They Going?

As the school year draws to a close, Scene and Herd bids farewell to the wonderful Class of 2016 as they take on the next step in their lives– whether that be post-secondary, work, travel, or a victory lap at MDHS. Here’s what some of the grade 12s will be up to next year:

Andrew Pickering will be attending Guelph in the fall to become a teacher.

Morgan Beaton is coming back a semester, and isn’t quite sure what to do yet which is just fine.

Seasoned skier Collin Foster is moving to BC to work and (no surprises here) ski. Eventually, he plans on going to school for ski management and operations at Southkirk.

Jessica Laurie, one of the most talented artists at MDHS, is taking a year off to work and keep expanding her impressive portfolio. In the future she’s considering Sheridan for design or art fundamentals.

The travelling Hannah Hoover will keep stamping her passport as she embarks on a six month mission trip to Spain, working alongside different non-profit organizations. When she gets back she will be applying for medical studies or nutrition at postsecondary; she’s not quite sure yet.

Kyle Jones is going to Brock U for Game Development, with hopes of becoming an indie developer in the future. He’s most excited to start a new school and get away from home.

Ryan Ho is attending Carleton, pursuing a minor in Economics (good luck!) and a major in French (bonne chance!). Ryan said he would move farther away than Ottawa if he could, however he’s always wanted to go to Carleton.

Best of luck to all the graduates!

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