Senior Football Semi Finals!



The senior semi final football game on Wednesday November 9 was a game full of injuries, big hits and big plays! With no points being scored in the first quarter, things started to pick up in the second quarter when Milton District’s Richard Imus scored the first touchdown of the game! Shortly after this touchdown, MD suffered an injury to #53 Brandon, which put him out of the rest of the game and is going to keep him out of the finals as well. Later in the game, Bishop Reding was getting ready to punt the ball off from their 25 yard line, when MD’s Simon blocked/caught the ball, and ran it in for a touchdown! MD would later score the last Touchdown of the game, scored once again by Richard Imus, beating BR in an astounding 19-2 win to push them into the finals where they will face off against Abby Park on Tuesday November 15 at MacMaster University! Good luck boys, you’ve done Milton District proud!

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