An Interview with Ms. Baksys


What was your first impressions of Milton District?

School with a history, school that feels very warm, caring and accepting of others and their differences.

If you weren’t the principal what would you be?

I never really wanted to be a principal when I began teaching, it was a pathway that seemed to unfold. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else, I think is a role that is important and can really serve students. So if I wasn’t a principal I think I would be doing something that serves kids.

How did you get into education?

I was extremely fortunate to have had many mentors in my life and the majority of them were teachers, so it was one particular mentor who suggested that I help out in teaching international languages. I decided to take her up on it and I’ve never looked back.

What is the goal you would like the “herd” to be working towards this semester?

For me, this semester and next semester I would really like the herd to be heard. I would very much like the herd to find their voice and when opportunities come along to share I would very much like them to do so, we are here for them and the only way we can really tell what works for our students is to ask the right questions and for them to answer honestly. So that we can makes the best things happen for our students. When students find their voice I am hoping what we implement will help the herd to become even more engaged with the school and the academics.

Any special trips you would like to mention?

Our hockey team is off to Lake Placid shortly and our grade 11’s went to Curve Lake. The grade 10’s went to Wilderness North which may not be far but is a very important trip for that group of students in terms of making friendships and connections that are so important in high school. We have Faces of Faith coming up, which is not a trip but is a great opportunity to learn about each other and the community. Respect is nonnegotiable, sometimes we don’t inadvertently want to offend an individual but sometimes that happens when we don’t know what we don’t know, so to become better educated about other religions and faiths can help us become more respectful in our interactions with others. I would like to encourage students to be encouraged in the school. Follow twitter, read the announcements. That is a way to find out the multiple opportunities to learn locally and globally.

Any advice for students at this point in the semester?

My advice would be, if you have not yet taken my challenge to get involved in at least one thing this year, it’s not too late. Do so. Involvement in school will definitely enrich your high school experience. If you are asked to participate in a survey or focus group please do so because it is a way to share your thoughts feelings and opinions on how we can make the school better. If you are finding you are not being as successful as you would like to be, or if you are struggling in any aspect of your school life please know there are resources here at the school to help you overcome the challenges you are facing. I want the students to know you are not alone, you have a supportive team that want to help.

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