Ireland, Wales and England March Break Trip!


During March break, a lucky few of us MDHS students had the beautiful opportunity to visit Europe. I know I speak for all of us when I say it was one of the best weeks of my life.

The Irish countryside glowed a vibrant green, with so many sheep the hills looked like they were covered in snow. Though it was short lived, Dublin was an unexpected gem on the trip. Many of us hadn’t quite anticipated its streets to breathe with the culture it did, and the food to be so rich. After spending much of the day at Trinity College, we then moved on to Wales. It was entirely quaint, but charmingly so. The streets and the locals alike smiled with spright, happily heaving the mountain air. It was there, in a little cliffside town, that we really grew together as a group. It was a moment to stop and see just how wonderful everything had been, and look forward towards how much more was to come.

The trip concluded in London. Everything English that could be done, we did! The time we had there was something we had all been excited for; it was the allure of the trip for a lot of us. But not a single moment we spent abroad was better than another. We became a family, lovingly cared for by Ms. Gignac and her awesome dude of a husband, Bob. On behalf of all of us on the trip, thank you to everyone that made this happen. And to those who went on the trip with me, I am so glad I had the pleasure to get to know you and share what we did.

Looking forward to our next trip March 2019!


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