Music Fest 2017


Milton District had 3 groups of students who went to this year’s Golden Horseshoe Music Festival. Our grade nine Junior Jazz Band, grade 9 -12 Senior Jazz Band, and grade 9-12 Senior Concert Band all participated and placed in the event. The festival is an ongoing musical event that lasts a week and includes playing the group’s chosen pieces for the adjudicators, going to a clinic, watching other schools perform and having the opportunity to watch a free concert, put on by Hamilton’s All Star Jazz Band. The special performance put on by Hamilton’s All Star Jazz Band performed a multitude of pieces and had two singers for a few of the songs.

Our school did well in placing for the first time in many years with bronze (Junior Jazz), silver (Senior Jazz), and gold (Senior Concert). The Senior Concert Band will be going on a two day trip to nationals in Niagara in May.

Congratulations to all who competed and good luck to Senior Concert Band in May!


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