Excellence Breakfast


An excellence celebration and breakfast was held on October 5th for students who got an average of 80% or higher last year. Students were asked to be there at 7:30 in the morning, as they needed to prepare for the ceremony, which officially started at 8:00. Amazing music was provided for the entertainment of all by the Senior Concert Band, as well as Foster’s Funk Band while the crowd gathered and the award winners were organized.

The event  started off with O Canada, and then speeches from Vice Principal Mr. Graham, Principal Mrs. Baksys, and our School Trustee Donna Danielli, as well as a quick thanksgiving prayer by Mr. Newman. The first to be called up were the students who had received special awards. Whether it be achieving the highest average in your grade, scoring the highest on a mathematics/science contest, or being an exceptional leader on the Student Government, these students have given their all to their role as a MDHS mustang.

Next up were all the students who achieved an average of 80% or higher on the previous year’s report card. At the end of the awards ceremony, all students and parents were invited into the cafeteria, where the delicious food portion of the Excellence Breakfast took place. We congratulate everyone who took part in this event. Well done!


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