This year MDHS is starting a CrossFit Program for the very first time. The MDHS home page has a whole section for CrossFit, on which students can go and sign up. The fee to sign up is $50 for the entire school year. The best part about CrossFit at MD is that a student doesn’t have to be extremely athletic to join. If students have conditions because of which they are restricted to what activities they can do, that is also fine. Basically the exercise routine students will get will suit every student’s individual plan. If students have commitments after school, no need to worry because for the time being CrossFit is available during periods 2, 3, or 4. Teachers involved in the program highly encourage students to join CrossFit, not only to benefit their physical health but also their mental health.

CrossFit will be a great opportunity for anyone to reach their health goal, or even to relax before/after stressful classes. Teachers also encourage students who wish to join sports teams to be a part of CrossFit because it will make them ready for the team. For any further questions, students can visit the CrossFit page on the MDHS webpage or contact Mr. Jones.


People involved (left to right):

Mr. C. Jones; Dave from FirePower; Mr. Mac

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