Social Media Awareness Assembly


As part of the wellness focus at our school this year, on Wednesday October 3rd, we were all called down to the large gym for an assembly, over the course of period four or five.  The topic of the presentation was Social Media Fitness.

The guest speaker taught us about how social media affects us, and how to use it wisely. While this seems like a topic that all of us a familiar with hearing lectures about, it was very  insightful. The speaker surprised us by telling us that social media is GOOD and encouraging us to use it, contrasting what we’ve been told in the past, that has focused on the evils and pitfalls of social media. He talked about how, when used correctly, social media can positively affect how future employers and universities will see us. The session was repeated in the evening, so that interested parents could learn more about how their children are using Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms.

Though he showed us many new concepts, he also repeated some ideas. “It was too long”, said one grade 9 student at MDHS, who believed the material could have been covered in a shorter time-frame. Another student, this one in grade ten said, “I loved this talk. It was really eye opening to me, and taught me how to use social media to help me get where I want to be in the future”.


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