Landscapes and Historic Sites in Canada – Part 1


Hi, I’m Zainab, and I love everything about nature– with the exception of insects. I love going to places with breathtaking views, and lucky for me, I can find them all over Canada.

Canada is a country known for its moose, hockey, beer, bacon– oh, and how can I forget about the winter? However few people appreciate that Canada also has its own collection of amazing landscapes, some of which you may never have heard of! Did you know that there are places all over Canada from where you can see the Milky Way? No? Well, that is why I want to start this series, to help others recognize Canada’s natural and historical beauty. There are many beautiful things to see in Canada, from historic sites, to dark sky preserves, and national parks.

Check back often for new material, which will be no problem because there is so much to write about! Hopefully this series will help you find out about some hidden gems of our beautiful country!


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