Cook Something Bold / Pungent Day



November 8 is Cook Something Bold/Pungent Day! I found out about this day only a couple weeks ago… and I can’t say I’m not overjoyed. I love food and anything related to it, so you can imagine the excitement I felt when I saw that there is a whole day dedicated to cooking.

The idea behind this day is to create something different — basically, you just have to get creative! You can finally make the recipe you’d been planning for a while but never got around to, or you could create something completely unique!


This is a perfect time to experiment with all sorts of spices, sauces, fresh vegetables and meats— the limit doesn’t exist! You can make a dish with bold flavours, some you may have been a little hesitant to try. You can step out of your comfort zone and discover new recipes! For all you know, you could have favourites you didn’t even know about! A day like this is great chance to take a moment, and appreciate all the amazing food we have available to us!

You could also invite a bunch of friends over and share the delicious meal with them– or just devour the whole thing by yourself, whatever floats your boat. A day for food doesn’t have many rules.

This article by Entity has some pretty cool ideas for spicy dishes from many different places around the world. These are some suggestions of what you can make on November 8, but don’t feel like you have to cook something from the list. Food Network also has an amazing post with many different ideas for Cook Something Bold/Pungent Day, consisting of recipes for curries, salads, and much more!

So there you have it! An awesome day dedicated to cooking, eating, and appreciating food! Don’t feel pressured to create a masterpiece, because this day is all about fun! Have an awesome Cook Something Bold/Pungent Day, MD!


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