MDHS Spoken Word Workshop



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On November 9th, Milton District will be having a Spoken Word Workshop with Canadian spoken word artist, Dwayne Morgan! The workshop will be taking place during period 4 in the library. Ms. Gleeson’s grade 12 Writer’s Craft class will be attending the seminar as well as those who wish to who take part in it and have a signed form. The workshop will be a way to start preparing for Halton’s Spoken Word Finals which will be taking place on December 7th. A team of four students from MD will be taking part in the competition.

But what is spoken word? Spoken word poetry is a word-based performance art that is as old as speech itself. Some common examples of spoken word poetry are rap, slam poetry, and stand-up comedy (that’s right, stand-up). Spoken word is based on a topic that the poet is passionate about and is able to share their perspective on. The poem is able to captivate the audience though poetic elements such as imagery, repetition, and rhyming.

Now for the guest who will be leading the workshop: Dwayne Morgan is a Canadian spoken word artist who has been performing since 1993. He is an award-winning poet who has taken his work across the country and the world. Some of his spoken word poems are Afraid of the Dark, and The Making of a Man. If you want more information on this incredible artist, you can also visit his website.

Milton District is a school that values the diverse passions of its students, which is one of the reasons we are able to host this wonderful event. The others we have to thank for this event are not reasons, so much as people. We’d like to thank he MD staff who put forth time and effort to give the students such an opportunity, and Mr. Morgan himself, whom we are grateful for sharing his time with us. Thank you to all who worked so hard to make this workshop happen, and we can’t wait to see you Mustangs in the library this Thursday!

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