Funny Money Presentation



On Wednesday November 1st during period two, a very unique presenter visited Milton District for the senior Mustangs. His name was Denis Grignon, and he put on a performance which was a mix of comedy and education on financial literacy for teenagers who are soon to be independent. He discussed important information about credit cards and how they work, how to invest, how to spend wisely and more. One would think that this would be a boring show, however out of the small number of students that attended, more than half said they had a great time according to a poll on the school’s Twitter.

What made the presentation unique and enjoyable? Although Grignon’s humour was actually very well done and relatable for broke teenagers, the best part was that the presenter PAID the students for getting answers right, giving out anything from a loonie to a $20 bill. For the grand finale, he had four students unknowingly volunteer to copy a dance to symbolize what they had learned from the presentation. It made the crowd riot in laughter, but the lucky winner who did the best performance was awarded $50; not a bad feat for sitting through an hour long presentation.

The presentation was an overall success because it taught students important life skills that they don’t learn in their classes while also putting on a great comedy show. The three points to remember were “know your flow”, “control what you owe”, and “invest some dough”. Hopefully these future post-secondary students will keep those points in mind when they transition into adulthood.

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