Islam Awareness Exhibit at Milton District High School


Monday October 30, 2017 these four outstanding Muslim ladies came to Milton District High school to set up an exhibit to educate students on the religion of Islam.


They set up a beautiful display where Milton District staff and students could experience the culture and some practices of the Islamic religion.

There was a display of the type of house they would live in on their camps and many posters that explained things about the religion, such as the holidays, medicine and other facts.

The ladies brought homemade blankets and pillows that students were able to sit on and enjoy some delicious green tea, with a bit of spice on it, along with some dates while they learned about Islam.

The green tea was served because the colour green is symbolic for many reasons in Islam. One main thing it is associated with that is found in the Quran – the Islamic holy book – is paradise. Green is a colour that reminds them of their happy place and what they would consider to be their paradise.

Dates are served because they are a fruit that grows in tropical climates and is important to Middle Eastern and African cultures. At the end of their fasts, Muslims are advised to eat dates when breaking the fast. Dates are considered a symbol of power in Islam, which is why they are eaten when the fast is broken.


This was an impressive exhibit that these women put together in order to to teach Milton District many things about their religion. I think that this was a great opportunity for staff and students to branch out from our everyday lives and experience someone else’s.

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