The Big Crunch



As we were settling down in the beginning of our second period class, my attention was caught by a teacher with a big bag of apples making her entrance. She plopped the bag down on my teacher’s desk and swiftly left for the next classroom. My first thoughts were that the school was trying to push a new healthy eating program – and that the apples were to encourage us to eat more fruit. I ended up being partially right as we were soon called out of our classes to participate in “the crunch”.  This challenge was created to raise food literacy awareness and promote proper nutrition.


Those who chose to participate lined up in the hallways outside of their classrooms.  The announcements came on, and by the count of ten everyone took a bite out of the apple in unison, creating a quick but enormous CRUNCH. I must admit, the apples were good, and as a hungry teenager it was nice to get some free food for a change. But the question is, did this event actually raise the awareness it was meant to? I know I personally won’t be changing my diet just because I bit into an apple at the same time as others.

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