Short Stores – Introduction


Hello MD!

The News Team will be starting a short story column! We will be posting short stories written by students in the News Team as well as any other MD students who wish to participate.

This is an amazing opportunity for students to experiment with their writer’s voice!

Many people love to write because it’s a way to cope with stress and relax. And there’s many students at MD who love to write! There are endless things one can write about: romance, fantasy, comedy, world issues, adventure… and the list goes on and on. The great thing about creative writing is that you get to be… CREATIVE and express yourself in a unique way! Everyone has a special style and voice, and writing is one of the great ways to express oneself.

For any students who enjoy writing, this is a great chance to do so!  Any MD students who want to publish their short stories on the MD News webpage, email the completed draft to

Also, the Polar Expressions writing competition is still open, so there’s time to sign up! The short story submissions are due by November 30, and the poetry submissions by November 15. Come see Ms.Gleeson for further information regarding this competition, or visit the Polar Expressions website.


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