MD’s Comedy Night



MD’s DECA team hosted and presented their Comedy Night, starring Canadian comedians Mike MacDonald and Scott Faulconbridge, in the school theatre. The show was a big hit, as the audience roared with laughter at the presenters and their hilarious acts. Snacks were sold by the school’s improv team, and tickets were sold by the DECA club.

Along with MacDonald and Faulconbridge, MD also saw our own student presenters performing.The MD improv team presented a re-enactment of scenarios suggested by the audience. Student stand-up presenters Adeena Tabassum and Iman Umair-Qaiser each shared a two minute comedy routine, and the professionals comprised the final acts of the evening.

Special thanks to the DECA team and Mr. Riggs for organizing this night, to our improv team and student performers for their amazing presentations. Lastly, a big thank you to our guest stars for performing at our school. Thanks to everyone for a great night!

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