Grade 8 Night – Future Mustangs Visit MDHS


The Grade 8 Parent Information Night was held on October 2nd. After school hours, the entire building was alive once again that day with volunteers, teachers, parents, and future MDHS students. MIB volunteers were stationed at strategic places around the school and helped direct parents to where they needed to go, and answered any questions they may have had. The Grade Representatives were also present at the event. Groups and Clubs at MD set up booths to showcase the extracurricular activities happening at Milton District. Handouts were also given to all parents to help them better understand how the night would run. They included presentation locations, session times, a map of the school, the heads of departments , SHSM heads, and administrative contacts.

The night started off with an introduction by Mrs. Baksys and Mr. Walker. The rest of the time was divided into four sessions, each fifteen minutes long. Contrasting to last year’s Grade 8 Night, where everyone was organized into groups and given a fixed tour, this year the parents were free to move around the school as they desired. During each session, presentations would be given in ten places around the school, one for each department. The presentations would repeat every session, so parents could view presentations from different departments. Hot cocoa and marshmallows were served from the cafeteria.

“Grade 8 Night was really great for my son to see his future learning environment. I’m glad that the teachers were so approachable,” stated a parent of one of the families attending.

“The Grade 8 Parent Night was a great way for prospective high schoolers to find out what kind of school MD really is”, says Aryan Rastogi, an MIB leader who attended the night.

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