Take Our Kids To Work Day 2017



Wednesday November 1st, Grade 9s all across Ontario participated on an excursion to their parent or guardian’s place of work. This day is meant to give students a glimpse into the world of work and the specifications and requirements needed for specific occupations. MDHS News interviewed some of our Grade 9s on what their experiences were.

Where did you go for TOKTWD?

Ariel L.: An office.

Valerie N.: A jewelry store

Abeer S.: A T.V. broadcast studio

What did you do at your parent’s place of work?

A.L.: Filing, paperwork, emailing, etc.

V.N.: Organizes display cases and created jewelry.

A.S.: Visited the studios and conference rooms, and saw how the shows were created.

Do you think going to their parent’s place of work is a good experience for kids our age? Would you recommend participating?

A.L.: Yes, because it’s good for Grade 9s to participate in events like these.

V.N.: Yes, it’s good. You learn more about work life and you gain experience.

A.S.: Yes, because you learn what your parents actually do, and you learn what career you have available to you.

Thank you to our Grade 9 interviewees for answering our questions! We can’t wait for next year’s Take Our Kids To Work Day!

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