MD’s Voice Box Q+A


With your friendly student consultants, Iman Qaiser and the MDHS News Team!

Hey there! Ever wanted to ask something you didn’t want to do so out loud, or wanted to share with the community instead? Advice columns are great for that. At MDHS News, we can answer your questions that others in the community can also have! Submit some questions to the Student Voice Box in the library. Here are this week’s featured questions!

Please make the students have school spirit!

This seems to be a common issue throughout the school; students don’t seem to be interested or want to get involved with school events. So students! This one’s for you:

We get that you come to school to learn, to get through the tasks of daily life, and to get into your university or college of choice only because you’re legally required to. In the long run, however, this constant, unchanging cycle will cause a common illness in students of all ages called burn-out. You’re stuck in a rut, you’ve got no inspiration, you’ve got Wednesday night free, and you hear there’s a basketball game happening at your school. Grab some friends, buy some popcorn and participate! It’s much easier to stay at home and binge-watch Riverdale, but a study by the University of Georgia shows that students aged 11 to 18- Hey! That’s us, guys!- who have better relationships with family, friends, and their school community often have better grades, academic performance, and even lower rates of depression. So do your noggin- and your bio report- a favour, and join in on the activities. Seriously, anyone who didn’t go to DECA’s Comedy Night really missed out.

I think Ms. Burton should be more energetic. I draw my energy from her…. I need more 🙂

What a compliment for Ms. Burton! The fact that people feel energized and motivated by her must really shock her!

Get it? Because energy flows… and electricity is a form of energy and… it shocks you?

I’ll leave. Sorry.

Why is there a sports recognition but not an arts recognition assembly?

Woooo, did someone add some extra salt to this tea we’re about to spill?

Well, short answer: Blame the patriarchy. Long answer: Throughout the course of history, sports have been a predominantly male area of interest, while the arts, such as music; artistry; theatre; and writing are considered to be feminine areas of expertise. And heck, even with this conception, you’ll probably study more male authors, artists, and musicians in English, Art, and Music class than females; male influence extends even to traditionally feminine subjects!

It’s not a big secret that history is sexist, so you can imagine why it’d be more likely that sports would be celebrated more than the arts, even though we do celebrate our female teams and their achievements as well. Because of this, most school budgets are directed mainly to support their sports programs; art programs are often left in the dust in terms of development and modernization. You can name about six different sports that you can participate in at MD, but how many art programs can you think of?

This is not to say that MD is discriminatory towards the genders and their ‘roles’, guys! MD is a great place, with equal opportunities for everyone, no matter what gender they are or what subject area they wish to pursue; we’ve just happened to fall prey to a ‘normalized’ way of thinking. In this society, it should be and it is okay for a girl to like painting and soccer, and for a boy to like poetry and hockey. So yes, even though the sports and the arts department now have a mix of all genders participating within them, it doesn’t mean we should only recognize one of them because it’s a tradition that has been supported for a long time.

Maybe it’s time for a change at MD.

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