Wellness Symposium



On November 28, 2017, Mrs Kilgour and Mr Trull organized a Student Voice Wellness Symposium. It was held at the Sports Centre from 11:45 to 2:40, in which a selected number of students from each grade were chosen to attend. The main objective of this event was to allow for students to speak out about what kinds of changes they would like to see at Milton District High School.


At the beginning of the program, the students received nametags and had the opportunity to introduce themselves to one another by mentioning their name, grade and favorite food. The students played many games such as eyeball tag and had lunch with delicious pizza.


As discussions started, many new ideas came to the table about topics such as bullying and inclusion, mental and physical wellness as well as spirit at MD. It was a great opportunity to meet new people and share opinions about how to make the school a better more friendly environment. Overall, the event was a great success and soon many of these new ideas will hopefully be implemented.


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