Feeder Schools



On November 27th, December 1st and 8th, the various music groups at Milton District High School went to different schools to perform for them. The schools they attended were W. I. Dick, Escarpment View, P. L. Robertson, Boyne, Brookville, Martin Street, Sam Sherratt and Anne J. MacArthur. The music groups included the Hinatsu Experience, Senior Concert Band, the Jazz Wizards, Senior Jazz Band, Acapella, Junior Jazz Band, Foster’s Funk Band and Junior Concert Band. They all played a large variety of songs for the schools. Some of the songs were Little Black Submarine, Shake it Off, Runaway Baby, Salsa Amigos, Feelin’ Good, a Moana medley, Cheerleader and Happy. The experience was wonderful for all that attended and will be hard to forget!

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