The Wasting of Whiteboard Markers (and ALL Markers) Comes to an End



Pens and markers are school essentials. The infamous whiteboard dry-erase marker is a teacher’s staple these days, but many teachers also find them to be a nuisance. After hours of daily use, these markers seem to become faint and lifeless after a week, the colour barely visible as the teachers become irritated and search for a new marker-victim. However, what happens to the dead markers after they can be used no longer? They’re tossed in the trash after a short life, filling up landfills and further polluting our already over-polluted planet. Now, at last, there is another way to dispose of these markers and have them re-used and revived again.

A teacher from MDHS discovered a bin at Staples where markers and other writing utensils can be recycled rather than thrown in the trash. If every teacher in the school helped out and recycled their markers, think about how much waste we could cut down on. If every school in Milton contributed, there would be hundreds, maybe even over a thousand fewer markers saved from ending up in the landfill What if every school everywhere adopted this practice?

How will every teacher at Milton District help out? Not everyone visits Staples or has time to do so on a regular basis, so how can we ensure that every marker is recycled? Fear not, because in every office and other locations around the school, there will be all new marker recycling boxes, where a teacher or staff member can quickly toss a few in while they’re in between classes. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s eco-friendly.

Aside from the markers, next to nearly every printer and photocopier will be a printer cartridge recycling box as well. So many things are printed at this school on the daily from students, staff, and teachers alike, so recycling the giant, wasteful ink cartridges is definitely something that the school could use for improvement.

Keep an eye out for the marker and printer recycling box coming soon to an office or classroom near you!

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