Mr. Arseneau Gets Pied.


February 1st was a stressful day for students, who were anxiously anticipating the results of their term 1 exam results. After a day of numbers and papers and whatnot, Mr. Arseneau and some special students from his period 1 French class embarked to complete a reward their had worked long to win.

Students in his class were divided into groups called families, where they could earn points during games in class. The reigning team, which was the family Vanier-Ouellette, could choose between three rewards: to host a lunch and movie party for the whole class, to throw a pie at Mr. Arseneau using five key ingredients, or to force him to sing for the class. Much to the dismay of the teacher, the students chose to pie Mr. Arseneau.

The pie, which was assembled on-scene, was made from raspberry jam, anchovies, olives, whipped cream, and the unfortunately trending Tide Pods. Disaster struck when an overzealous student hit the foil pan with the jam jar in an attempt to get the jam out, breaking the graham cracker crust.


It struck once again when the olives began spilling out of their can faster than the pie could catch them. Looks like the snow won’t need any more salt!


Vanier-Ouellette member Valerie then delivered the pie with a mighty chuck to a goggles-sporting Mr. Arseneau.


Laughter and pandemonium ensued.


Congrats to Vanier-Ouellette for a pie well thrown and a job well done, and good luck to everyone for Term 2!

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