Arrive & Thrive Symposium


On Wednesday, February 14, three MDHS students and Ms. Paquette participated in the Arrive & Thrive Symposium in Oakville. The event was for all the schools in the Halton District School Board. The purpose of the symposium was to discuss ideas for the wellness and inclusivity of newcomers in schools and Canada itself.

The attendees were provided breakfast and lunch, as well as a $30 coupon that could be used to purchase books available at the event. T-shirts were designed by Unlearn and given out to the students and teachers.


Image source

The posters were provided by the company Unlearn. The company creates designs that “Provoke thought and inspire positive change”. The images can be interpreted by anyone, and people can have different ideas and perspectives.

There were several activities to engage students. Activities included learning how to play the drums and analyzing posters with other students. Drums and posters are really simple, but they allowed all students to participate and socialize with new people.


Overall, the Arrive & Thrive Symposium was a great event that created a lot of friendships and got people talking about important issues. 


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