Breakfast Party


On February 22, Milton District held a pancake breakfast for the entire school. The breakfast took place in the cafeteria from 8:00 to 8:30, and pancakes, as well as smoothies, were served. The highlight of the event was not simply the food, but those who served the breakfast. Mayor Gord Krantz made a good breakfast for MD students, as well as Donna Danielli, a trustee in the board of Halton, a member of the NDP party, and Lisa Raitt, Milton’s provincial representative, and the potential future federal representative of Canada’s PC party.

This morning was a larger scale version of an initiative MD has been taking for months, thanks to Halton Food For Thought, a charity that cares to ensure students get a healthy breakfast each morning. The breakfast was also a photo op with community members as well as an opportunity to bring awareness to this great cause.

For the first half hour of the day, the cafeteria was completely crowded with staff and students. While an air of quiet exhaustion might be expected from a high school first thing in the morning, MD’s environment was quite the opposite. Groups of students were gathered laughing, chatting – and of course – enjoying a great breakfast.


Donna Danielle and Mayor Gord Krantz


Lisa Raitt, Conservative Party deputy leader and Member of Parliament for the Ontario riding of Milton (left), and Ryan Maraj on the Food for Thought Board (right)


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