Spirit Week



The week of February 26th was celebrated at Milton District High School as Spirit Week. It started off with a spirit day, where everyone comes to school wearing MDHS school colours.

The next day was celebrated as Western day. Everyone was expected to wear plaid, boots, hats, or overalls, but not many people did. “I don’t even have any plaid,” says Zayd Tahir, a grade 10 at MDHS. “Besides, what is western clothing? What I’m wearing right now should be considered from the western world, isn’t it” Despite what he brought up, it was a delight to see that many people came to school wearing flannels and boots.

The next day was celebrated as Twin Day, where students were asked to coordinate with a friend or classmate and wear identical outfits. Many students dressed up, to the delight of the student government. However, some students complained that they didn’t have enough time to coordinate, which is why they didn’t participate.

The following day was Retro Day. Many students came to school dressed up, but it retro logos and retro-like pattern couldn’t really be seen. Unfortunately, not everyone wears retro clothes, but it was heartwarming to see that everyone had tried to dress up nonetheless.

Last but not least, Meme Day. As a grand finale to the week, free hot chocolate was handed out in the cafeteria during period 3 and 4, by members of the student government. While the spirit week might not have been the best it could be, it sure was fun for the few people who dressed up.


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