MD’s Voice Box Q+A



With your friendly student consultants, Iman Qaiser and the MDHS News Team!

Hey there! Ever wanted to ask something you didn’t want to do so out loud or wanted to share with the community instead? Advice columns are great for that. At MDHS News, we can answer your questions that others in the community may also have! Submit some questions to the Student Voice Box in the library. Here are this week’s featured questions!

We should play soccer more in gym.

Unfortunately, this requires changes to the curriculum, but talk to your gym teachers about playing soccer during free periods.

I hope you’re having a good day! -Your Favourite Student

Thanks for that! Hope you’re having a great day too!

Ping Pong Table!

MD already has something similar: the foosball table in the caf! Tucked into the deep corners of the lunchroom, the foosball table offers a five-minute escape for you and a friend- for a price (25¢). Just don’t shake the table too much when you play, or else the lunch supervisors will get upset!

Fix heater- way too hot

We’re working on it, sorry about that! A technician came in to fix the heat, which made it extremely cold, but then when the heater was turned back on it was way too hot. So bear with us while we fix our wayward heater.

Movie Night

What a great idea! We’ll ask Ms. Baksys for her input.

Better communication

… ironically, I believe this ask requires a bit more communication. Is this a request? A statement? Do you require more communication or are you letting us know you are satisfied with the level of communication? What type of communication? Between students? Teachers? Between MD and the world itself?

Good job News Team! You’re doing great!

Aw, thanks, reader! I’m sure we have no idea whatsoever who you are 😉

Please, no more assemblies!

We’re sorry, but all the assemblies at the school are good for the community and we have no control over them. Try to appreciate the hard work of the emcees and performers!

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