Marc Davis: From Struggle to Success


Recently, MD held an inspiring presentation by Dr. Marc Davis, who examined the road to success through the lens of someone unlikely to achieve it. He started with the story of the black surgeon, Charles Brew, inventor of the procedure for storing blood plasma for transfusions, still used to this day.

Even more poignant, Dr. Davis shared his path, which was anything but smooth, making his message even more authentic. Davis struggled in school; like many students of colour at the time, he was discouraged from pursuing an academic course of study – told he simply didn’t have what it takes.

Drawn to the allure and excitement of the street, he started down a path that would have surely led to trouble. His inspiration to turn back to the track to success came from an unlikely source; a street criminal (whom Davis admired and respected) convinced him NOT to follow in his footsteps by painting a bleak picture of the realities of his life. Davis was shaken and decided to work toward university. The memory of that advice stayed with Davis and helped him stay focused and motivated all through school.

The impact of learning about the path of someone who had to come from lack of privilege was significant, and Davis’ message will resonate with many who attended.


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