Relay for Life Assembly


On Tuesday, March 27th, MD’s Mustangs in Blue (MIB) organized an assembly promoting MD’s Relay for Life, in association with the Canadian Cancer Society. Students and our school mascot challenged each grade to compete and show who had the most spirit by cheering and clapping, including the teachers! MIB then explained that Relay for Life was an event at MD organized by the Canadian Cancer Society that would raise money for cancer research. Students could volunteer in teams to help with the event, gaining community hours as well as perks at the celebration, such as food vouchers and prizes!


Memorable moments included when the school mascot did the worm, and the audience participated in an interactive activity where they raised their phone torches if cancer had affected their lives. One of the highlights was when students were invited to turn and look at the darkened bleachers behind them, which were lit up with the letters C, R, and E to represent the word CURE. “There’s no cure without you!” the emcees exclaimed. One student later commented that the display was “clever.”


Despite technical issues synonymous with last year’s assembly – prompting a joke from an emcee that the issue was now traditional with the Relay for life assembly – MIB and the school mascot did a wonderful job hyping up the audience and getting people excited and motivated for the Relay for Life, which will take place on April 26th between 2 and 8pm.


If anyone would like to sign up, visit, and sign up as a team leader, team member, or an individual participant. You’ll have to pay a $15 registration fee, come up with a team theme, and raise at least $35 per person for donation. Good luck MD!

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