Mrs. Ferreira Interview



How did you become a teacher at MDHS? (Tell us a little about your job before.)

I am a new teacher here at Milton District High School for second semester, and I teach healthcare. Prior to becoming a teacher I worked – I still work – as a paramedic for the past 14 years in Toronto for Toronto Paramedic Services. I was very interested in oxy medicine, and teaching it to individuals who were interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. I decided that I wanted to become a teacher, so I can pass along my experiences and my knowledge to students in high school, who are finding a career in healthcare.

When you walked in the front doors, what was your first impression of Milton District? (Be honest.)

The first time I walked in was for my interview with the vice principals. I was sitting in the little waiting area at the office (the chairs), and nobody knew who I was, because I was just sitting there for the interview, for the job. All the students and teachers who would walk by would smile at me, say “hello”, or ask how my day was. I worked as a supply teacher before this, at another school board, where people weren’t as friendly as they were on that very first day that I entered the doors of Milton District. I remember sitting there thinking “Wow! People are so friendly here, and they’re saying ‘hi’ to a complete stranger”, which was the appropriate thing to do, but that’s not the experience that I had in other schools. As a supply teacher, other teachers would kind of say an obligatory “hello”, but they didn’t necessarily include you in the conversation, or go out of their way to make you comfortable at their school. My first impression of Milton District High School was a positive one, and I really wanted to work here, so I’m glad I was hired for the job.

What are your thoughts on Milton District High School now? Have they changed from your first impression?

No. I think that if it’s changed from my first impression, it’s only gotten better. I think the staff here is incredible. They’re incredibly polite, helpful, and welcoming to new staff members. It’s the same with the administration team. Our principal, our VPs, and all the office staff have been incredibly helpful to me as a new teacher. Not only at this school, but as a new teacher teaching for the first time with her own classes. The students here are … well, you know, you’re one of them. Our class is very respectful and attentive. I haven’t had any students that have given me a hard time, or anything like that. Everyone seems to be really interested in class, studious, and ready to learn the material that I have planned for the day. For sure, I am very happy at Milton District High School!

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