Women as Career Coaches



Pathways and careers are always overwhelming. It’s scary for everyone! Whether it be a nervous high schooler frantically trying to plan the rest of their life while also making sure they don’t drown in homework, or an adult with a stable job but a desire for something new, careers aren’t easy. Some people have known what they wanted to do with their lives since they were 5 years old, but that’s not always the case. The fact of the matter is there are so many unique people with their own passions and goals, and finding a career that is able to satisfy any requirements a person may have is hard. With the development of technology, many young people will have a job that doesn’t even exist yet. Thankfully, Halton has provided students with a resource that can help ease the worries of high schoolers and guide them closer to their future.

Women As Careers Coaches was an event that took place in Burlington Convention Centre, on Thursday, March 22, from 5:15 to 9 p.m. The event was in a beautiful venue and all the young women took their seats with other peers and career coaches. Before the event began, a delicious buffet was available and there was time to get to know those sitting at your table. The convention itself alternated between an MC, time to conference with your group and career coaches, and keynote speakers from a wide variety of different fields who shared their own stories of their journeys to discovering their careers.

Personally, as a grade 12 student, going to Women as Career Courses was a highlight of my high school career. I wholeheartedly recommend the experience to all who can go, it will be an unforgettable evening!

To the men, no need to feel left out, Men as Career Coaches will be taking place on April 19th at the same location from 5:15 pm to 9:00 pm.

Be sure to listen to announcements for any more exciting opportunities in the community!


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