Earth Day at MDHS



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Earth Day is a celebration and a recognition for the planet of which people call their home. It’s obvious that this Earth has been neglected, especially in the past 50 years, so what can students at MD do to help out? Sunday, April 22nd is Earth Day, however, there will be things students can do for the following week starting Monday.

The underappreciated Eco Club has few members, although have come up with great plans to get students interested in change involved. The club is open to any new members who have a vision for eco-friendly change. They have already started the pen and marker recycling program through Staples which soon will be open to not only staff, but students too. Bins for collecting worn out markers are placed in some offices around the school already, and once the initiative shows more interest, more bins will likely be popping up in classrooms.

The plans for the week after Earth Day are quite simple, and easy for all students to participate. The outdoors are currently a mess with all of the high winds which have been happening on and around garbage collection days recently. Garbage bags and gloves will be provided for students so they can clean up around the school by class or in groups of their choice. Leaders will be coming around to classes to promote this initiative.

Future plans for the Eco Club include eco movies in room 108 during period 3 starting in May. These movies will be for those interested in learning or contributing to making a difference in our environment. More details are yet to come, so listen in to the announcements.

Earth Day is not only an MDHS event, it’s for the community and the world too. A local eco-opportunity for Miltonians is the Good Neighbours Day community cleanup taking place May 5th. Volunteer hours will be given to those who sign up. Meet at the Hugh Foster Hall at 8am once signed up. Visit the website for more information on Good Neighbours Day.

Together, we can make a difference in our community and our Earth. For more information on the Eco Club, Earth Day, or MD’s school initiatives, please contact Mme.Paroyan ( or visit

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