Men As Career Coaches 2018

Thursday, April 19th, 9 students represented MDHS in style at the 9th annual Men As Career Coaches (MACC) evening.

Mr. Kokerus shared the following about the highlights of the event:

“We heard amazing life stories, advice and shared dinner and laughs at the Burlington Convention Centre. Some of the highlights were the spotlight speakers featuring:

  • A gentleman that came as an immigrant to Canada that shared his advice on always giving your all (sharing Yoda quotes as inspiration).  He was a gemologist who ended up building & selling huge homes that then opened a huge restaurant chain because of twists of fate and backing other people that were struggling to get by.
  • An MDHS grad that shared his life story about overcoming obstacles like layoffs and a life-long cancer diagnosis. He never gave up and pushed on earning a very respectable leadership role in the city of Hamilton.
  • A young man that tried to find his way trying everything from street magic to running his own company and the message to adapt to change and take opportunities presented to you.
  • A  rock star from Blue Rodeo who went from an incredible office job in Chicago to losing everything and becoming a penny-less addict.  Upon the advice of a homeless man and Johnny Cash at around 40 years old followed his passions and eventually was head-hunted to join Blue Rodeo”

Check out the WACC article to check out our powerful female mustangs!

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