DriveWise Milton



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DriveWise Milton has sponsored Milton District to be a part of their silent auction. The students in DECA held an auction on April 30th, May 2nd, and May 4th.The auction days are on April 30, May 2, and May 4. The item being auctioned off was  was the DriveWise Full Basic Safe Start Drivers Training Program. It is usually usually valued at close to $700, but by participating in the silent auction students had the chance to get the training for as little as $500 (or less!) The first person to bid over $500 was able to walk away with the voucher on the spot! The voucher was eventually soldfor $550 on April 30th.

The DECA group is planning to sell more $100 gift certificates for this program soon. As well, they hope to sell African Black Soap in the coming future.

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