Halton Team Mathematics Competiton



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During period 1 and 2 on Tuesday, May 15th, Mustangs from all grades participated in a team math contest in the library. The Halton Team Mathematics Contest consisted of around 6 questions, which students would work on together in groups of 3. Students could choose whether to work on the questions individually or have the whole group work on them together. Students were given points on how quickly they answered each question. For getting the question right on the first try, they would be awarded 100 points. After the first attempt, 25 points would be taken off per try, to a maximum of 3 tries. The students would be given 90 minutes to complete as many questions as they could.

The students would compete in either a senior or a junior category. The top 2 groups in each category are invited to advance to the next level and complete the math contest on May 22nd.

Below is a list of all the students who took the contest. Congratulations to all the students who participated!

Hadi Ahsan

Abhinar Akula

Osman Amjad

Riya Anadkat

Alisha Anwar

Qiraat Asim

Tushar Atmakuru

Rashmi Avudaiappan

Nathan Benjamin

Lisa Bera

Emily Chang

Sayan Dhivagaran

Kartikeya Dhiyra

Mahammad Faran

Rayhen Fazel

Eva Gharabaghi

Nick Gharabaghi

Shaffan Ishalid

Raza Jafri

Shahyan Khan

Safa Khan

Saad Khan

Simon Li

Catherine Liadski

Elizabeth MacDonald

Muqtasid Mansoor

Vignesh Marla

Tithi Mayani

Mya Moreau

Zehra Naqri

Riley Obtee

Jeans Patel

Yrushna Patel

Katarina Sarafinovska

Theo Schlotzharer

Phanix Seelochan

Nafi Sheihin

Ammar Surti

Hassan Syed

Raza Syed

Lauren Szczucki

Andre Tieman

Zayd Tahir

Sam Tcherner

Michael Vietri

Kira White

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