Wellness Week


One of the activities at MD during Wellness week was the creation of the Wellness Pledge Wall in the cafeteria. During periods 3 and 4, students got to post something that they’d pledge to do so that they could look after their own wellness, whether it be emotional, mental, or physical. Or they could post a positive quote that promoted wellness. The purpose of the Pledge Wall was to inspire students to look after themselves and increase their self-esteem. The pledges are still up at the cafeteria, as a nice reminder to students and staff of the importance of self-care.


Sticker Station

During period 3 and 4 on Wednesday, 9 May, the cafeteria entrance had a sticker station set up where students could make stickers for themselves or for their friends. The activity was part of Wellness Week, which encouraged students to enjoy their time at school and take a break from stress.

The station offered several types of pens, markers, and stickers for students to choose from for decorating their own stickers, and anyone who participated got candy. The activity was really fun and for most students, a pleasant surprise!


Wrapping it Up!

Friday, 11 May, wrapped up MD’s Wellness Week. To end off a successful week full of fun activities, there was a station set up at the cafeteria entrance that gave out stress stars, pens, t-shirts, and brochures. A special thanks to the Region of Halton, Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Halton and GoodLife Fitness for supporting MD’s mission for a healthy school!


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