Musicfest Nationals


Last week, Milton District’s Senior Band travelled to downtown Toronto to participate in the MusicFest National Competition. The competition took place at the University of Toronto Faculty of Music building. The students left the school on a bus full of equipment and instruments at 8:30 in the morning. Their first stop was the CN Tower. The students got to ride the elevator up the tower, and have a view of Toronto from above. Students got to visit the Skypod, located around 450 m above sea level, and the two main floors of the tower as well.


After visiting the CN Tower and walking around downtown Toronto, students prepared themselves to face the most important part of the day; the MusicFest competition. After gathering their instruments from the bus, they set themselves up for the show in the University of Toronto Faculty of Music building.. They warmed up and presented on stage in front of an audience of students, teachers, and adjudicators alike.

After the performance, the band attended a workshop with an experienced musician. He marked them on their sight reading abilities, as well as provided helpful feedback and tips on their performance and playing as a band.

The band gained a silver plaque for their performance. Congratulations to all those who participated!


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