The HFFT Breakfast Gala


On May 5, 2018 Mrs.Wrigglesworth (Student Success Teacher), Massimo Stefanovic (Head Student Coordinator for MDHS HFFT), and Rifayah Zahra (Member of MDHS HFFT) attended the Halton Food for Thought Breakfast Gala. They had the honour of meeting several VIP’s. They also gave a ten minute speech on the evolution of the club from the beginning when it was just a hole in the wall to the amazing delightful club open every morning. Massimo Stefanovic presented a quick five minute speech on the importance of leadership in today’s youth. He also presented how to link this wonderful club to the Duke of Edinburgh International Youth Award. Both speeches received compliments from people all across the region and from several different organizations and agencies. It was proved that Milton District High School is a school of innovation and leadership.

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