Halton Team Mathematics Contest Finals



On May 15th, a math contest was held in the library, where students worked in teams of 3 to solve problems. The top two performing teams in the junior and senior divisions advanced to the Halton Finals.

They arrived at the competition to find the vast cafeteria full of competing teams from various schools all over Halton. They were seated at tables and had around two hours to complete six math contest questions. Marks were given for getting answers correct with the least possible amount of attempts, and for finishing answers quickly.

All participating students were gifted complimentary red bottles. Pizza was provided for all students present, as well. The two senior teams placed 18th and 20th in the senior division. The two junior teams placed 12th and 20th in the junior division. All teams tried their best and had a fun time. Congratulations to the teams that participated!


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