Spring Has Sprung: Enjoying the Flowers and Feathers at MDHS

The seasons have shifted in Milton and MDHS is looking alive again. The trees have leaves again, the courtyard has character, and goose couples can be found wandering the schoolyard and the rooftops. The construction SHSM even built a new structure in an outdoor sitting area for the new warm weather. With the first true snow day in years taking place this April, winter seemed to last forever, so it’s important for mustang staff and students to embrace the outdoors as the school year comes to a close.


Protected time is approaching, which means the last few field trips of the year are crammed into the month of May. This prompts outdoor related field trips that weren’t possible at the rear of the first semester, such as the Outdoor Education classes taking overnight trips to Algonquin Park alternating over the next few weeks and the grade 11 English trip to Camp Kawartha a few weeks ago. Even the grade 9 trip to Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto was a field trip that was a taste of ecosystems around the world. Students who feel as if they missed out have upcoming opportunities too. The day-trip to the Toronto Zoo takes place on May 29th, but students should consider signing up soon before the bus fills. Keep an eye out for any fun chances to get out of school for a day before the stress of summative tasks begins.


Trees and flowers aren’t the only things flourishing at MDHS. While squirrels are abundant, there is a goose couple found roaming the schoolyard and more have started to attempt to move in. Some students have shown disrespect to them with loud noises and invading their space, however, others have come up with names for the mama and papa geese who call this school their home. Geese can be unfriendly, and if they feel threatened, there is a definite chance that they may bite their attacker. At this, basic human decency should be practiced and geese should be respected like the rest of the students at the school and left alone (unless you’re providing them friendly snacks!). If one should choose to feed the geese, they should be reminded that despite popular belief, bread is actually very harmful to birds, and good snacks for these feathered friends would include corn (canned, frozen or fresh), lettuce and other greens (torn into small pieces), frozen peas (defrosted), oats, and seeds. (source)


Photo by Milton District High on Twitter (@MDHighSchool)

Not many students know that MDHS has an eco club. They are always looking for new members, especially those who have a vision or interest in making the community greener. For Earth Day, they launched plans into action and there is currently a spring community cleanup in motion that is optional for all classes. These students sure do a lot behind the scenes that go underappreciated.


Even though the school year is soon to be over, there will be more outdoor activities in the coming year. The annual Wilderness North trip for sophomore students takes place late September in the upcoming school year, and the current grade 9s who are interested should sign up ASAP. The future grade 12 leaders have already been selected and plans for activities are in the making. Wilderness North attendees from previous years recommend the trip to anyone despite their outdoor skills. As for future grade 11s who love the outdoors, the outdoor education course is a student favourite that is both fun and a good learning experience.

Keep calm and Mustang on in this beautiful weather!

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