17th Annual Eddies Film Festival at the Milton Arts Centre


On Tuesday, May 29th, the 17th annual Eddies Film Festival happened at the Milton Arts Centre, in the MinMaxx Theater. Guests started arriving at 6:30, and the actual awards show started at 7 pm.

The event involved a live DJ, snacks, sweets, and refreshments served by waitresses. The first half of the event consisted of the awards for all categories being handed out to the winners. The top 3 placing films in categories such as documentary, horror/suspense, music video, PSA, and experimental received awards. After a short 15 minute break, all the films that received awards were shown.

It was hosted by Milton District Students Zain Syed and Jessika Johnson. Earlier that day, these students had headed over to Craig Kielburger Secondary School to prepare for the show. They were accompanied by Mr. Brunato, the Comm Tech teacher at Milton District High School.


Jessika Johnson (left) and Zain Syed (right)

Congratulations to the MD teams that won, and to all the students that entered! We are all proud of you!

Below is a list of all Milton District students who received an Award, or Honourable Mention (HM).


Ofer Weis (left) and Andrew Knaggs (right)


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