What? Arkells Recorded With MDHS BAND!???


On Monday, June 11th, two members from the Arkells came to work with the MDHS senior band. Tim Oxford (left), the drummer, performed the Arkells’ new song People’s Champ, accompanied by the senior band Max Kerman (right), the lead singer, also came along to help the band with their performance with some wise words. At the end of the session, Max and Tim awarded Mr. Carson-Foster with a People’s Champ medal and a certificate for all of the work he’s put forth into this school’s music department.


The students were able to take photos with Max and Tim, and have some posters autographed by the two. It was a great experience and the band would love to do it again. It the next few days, be sure to check out the Arkells’ Instagram page (@arkellsmusic) for the video of the school band playing with them, and their rally in Hamilton on June 23rd!

Here’s a link to the video!


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