Hope in High Heels 2018


Walking your way is an event in the community that takes a stand. The annual “Hope in High Heels” walk will be taking place on September 15th in Milton. The aim of this walk is to raise awareness for violence against women in a unique way as men and boys strap on a pair of heels and walk.

“We promise you won’t be walking far and WE provide the shoes! Plus all walkers get a free lunch courtesy of our lunch sponsors, Troy’s Diner, Emma’s Back Porch and the Works!” -Halton’s Women’s Place

It’s only $10 for students to sign up, so Mustang boys are encouraged to gather their friends to make a team and start making pledges. You can sign up HERE, or find more information about “Hope in High Heels 2018” on the Halton Women’s Place website. This organization has been keeping women and children safe for 40 years, and it’s your turn to help them out and give back to your community.


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