Grade 9 Day: Freshman Fun



On Thursday, September 13, Grade 9 Fun Day took place at Milton District High School. The event consisted of freezies and fun games.

MIB leaders were called out to the field at 12:45 to assist in setting up the event. Some of them were split into pairs and assigned to grade 9 classes, which they lead around the field. The remaining MIB leaders worked in pairs to run stations around the field.

The stations were wet sponge relay, water balloon pass, obstacle course, 3 legged egg race, team ski time trials, and freezies. Each of the grass fields hosted their own set of stations. On top of these activities, some students had the chance to get drenched by a bucket of water (as shown in the picture).

The grade 9 students, the teachers, and the MIB leaders had lots of fun throughout the event. Thank you to all who participated!

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