Grade Nine Night

By Tithi Mayani and Ben Hartshorn


On September 27th, Grade 9 students and their parents were invited to the school to take part in Grade 9 Night. The program ran from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. It began with a brief 30-minute presentation in the gymnasium. Then, parents were allowed to tour the school and meet the Grade 9 teachers.

The night was broken into 5 “periods”. Each period was 15 minutes long, with five-minute breaks between them. During these “periods”, the parents could follow their child’s schedule and meet their teachers.

The visitors also had a chance to check out displays placed in the front foyer, such as the MD Art display and the Milton District Robotics Team Display (with a live demonstration of their robot!). Light refreshments were also available, courtesy of the Breakfast Club students and staff.

While the parents were checking out kids’ classrooms, the students were in the small gym, attending the Grade 9 dance. The MD Music and Audio SHSM had set up the sound system and lighting. Outside the gym, packets of chips and water bottles were being given out.

Mustangs in Blue (Link Crew) volunteers were helping out throughout the event. Some helped direct and assist parents with getting to the correct classrooms, while others supervised the Grade 9 dance.

Overall, it was a wonderful chance for parents of grade 9 students to check out the school, and for the students to have a fun time! Thank you to all the volunteers, students, and parents who attended.

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