This Week in Sports: October 1–5

By Hunter Culhane

It was a busy week for the Mustangs as they played against four different schools this week.

On October 1, the Senior Girls Basketball team defeated Acton by a single point!

Meanwhile, the Senior Boys Football team played Abbey Park on October 2, resulting in a tied game.

On October 3, the Junior Girls Basketball team won their game against Oakville Trafalgar by over ten points, while the Senior Girls Basketball team lost to Oakville Trafalgar by over ten points.

Similarly, the Junior Boys Volleyball team beat M.M. Robinson on October 3, while the Senior Boys Volleyball team lost to M.M. Robinson.


Junior Girls Basketball

Milton District: 34 — Oakville Trafalgar: 23 / Oct 3

Senior Girls Basketball

Milton District: 36 — Acton: 35 / Oct 1

Milton District: 22 — Oakville Trafalgar: 36 / Oct 3

Senior Boys Football

Milton District: 0 — Abbey Park: 0 / Oct 2

Junior Boys Volleyball

Milton District: 2 — M.M. Robinson: 0 / Oct 3

Senior Boys Volleyball

Milton District: 0 — M.M. Robinson: 2 / Oct 3

Will the Juniors win all their games again next week?

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