The Excellence Celebration

By Haleema Sadia

The Excellence Celebration is a yearly commemorated event held at Milton District High School. It is a celebration in honour of those who achieved an average of 80% or higher in their previous academic year. This event takes time and patience to prepare. The Excellence Celebration is accessible to all grades, parents and guardians. During the ceremony, Mrs. Baksys gave out a memorable speech to all the students and parents about how hard work is not what brings success, but hard work and wellness bring success and happiness, and how in the end, this method is worthwhile. There are 4-5 categorized awards given out to students, categories vary every year. This year, the awards given to students included awards for:

  • Science
  • Math
  • Geography
  • Highest average of their grade/year award

Once the awards had been given out, teachers that represented each grade called out students names where the students then walked up on stage and claimed their certificate. This started off with the grade nine students and make its way through to end with the grade twelve students. After all the appreciation, the parents and students were led to the cafeteria for pictures and breakfast. This year the Excellence Breakfast staff had prepared yogurt, fruits, banana bread, muffins, and a variety of juices. The Excellence Celebration has been an event at Milton District High School for a long time and will continue to be held to appreciate the hardworking students of MDHS.

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