Free Pizza Becomes a Reality

By Maija Shea

It’s no secret that Peter Chung was voted in as Student Prime Minister last week all thanks to his promise to provide free pizza for everyone (or should we say, PETE-zza). Yes, he is a great leader and cares about the student body to an outstanding degree, but as soon as he was voted in, he was swamped with students demanding their free pizza that they were promised. Well, during fourth period yesterday, Chung really delivered. In the front foyer of the school, a link to a survey was posted in the front hall for students to fill out with a free pizza slice as a reward. Not only was there cheese pizza but pepperoni too! Looks like the Prime Minister kept his promise, so what else could trustworthy Pete-zza Chung have in store?

Haven’t filled out the student voice survey yet? Fill it out here to have a say what goes on in the school!

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