Information about the Fifth Week Reports at Milton District

Image Source: Halton District School Board.

By Thursday, October 11th, Fifth Week Progress Reports will be distributed to Milton students via email.

Fifth Week Progress Reports reflect an early assessment of progress for the first five weeks of the semester with an emphasis on work completion. All grade 9 students will receive a fifth-week report from their teachers and any student who is experiencing difficulty in a course (i.e. whose mark, in the teacher’s professional judgment, is below 60%). Parents or guardians of students who receive a fifth-week report because their student is experiencing difficulty will receive an email notification from their teacher.

The report is a Markbook printout from each course that includes assessments to date and may also include an anecdotal comment. The number of assessments or tasks will vary by course. There no mark for the course on the printout because it is too early in the semester to provide an overall mark. However, we recognize that it is important to provide timely communication of every student’s progress.

Unlike years past, your student will be receiving a hard copy of the MarkBook printout, instead of an electronic copy of the progress report being sent directly to the parent via email, as the First Class server used for sending these reports electronically is no longer accessible. We are working on a solution so that in future these reports can be sent electronically like years past.

To ensure that your student stays on track to success, review the report for any missing work that can be submitted. Encourage your child to seek free help during lunches. Stay connected with program area websites for resources, due dates, and upcoming tasks. The course teacher can provide additional clarification by email, phone or at Interview Night.

You may also access Attendance and Punctuality Information from the attendance portal located on the board website:

Parent Teacher Interview evening is Thursday, October 18th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Formal Interviews are recommended for students & their parent or guardian with progress concerns.

This semester, you will be able to schedule your interview online if you wish to schedule a meeting with any of your teen’s teachers. Specific info on how to book your interviews online will be provided next week.

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